Emaani dESIGN is an Interior Architecture and Design studio focused on creating great places to live, work and play.


Each project must have an extensive and detailed plan based on its necessities to ensure an ideal layout, and to create flawless interactions between interior spaces and users.


Remarkable elegance is feasible when all the design requirements are met in terms of architectural practicality, appearance and safety. These combined may result in achieving a pleasant atmosphere throughout the building.


Furnishing plays a key role in interior design since furniture styles and their positioning provide balance and consistency all through building spaces. This ultimately makes any project stand out and become exceptional.

Our aim is to use all the tools of interior design to reshape and enhance interior spaces in accordance with customer needs. We believe good interior design has a direct impact on people’s health and wellbeing. Our professional team has an outstanding attention to project details, whether it is furnishing a new country home, renovating an existing house or decoration upgrades.


We always look at all the important elements of any given project including materials, texture, measurements, colors, artificial and natural lighting. We are committed to create value for your project by adopting a flexible approach and obtain the best solution in terms of aesthetics and environmental safety.



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