About Emaani.dESIGN

At Emaani dESIGN, our interior designs are derived from pure Modernism. We appreciate simplicity and durability, and accept them as part of Responsible Design. We have extensive attention to details and work from the big picture right down to the smallest design elements such as door handles, texture or colour of walls, and millimetre-precise joinery.

Emaani dESIGN is committed to utilise all aspects of architecture and interior design tools to deliver efficient and innovative solutions for your project. We strive to deliver tailored and unique interior designs that always exceed our clients’ expectations and enhance their lives.

About Farbod Emaani

I have always been passionate about architecture and beautiful interiors. I think every project is special and it requires careful consideration, professional design and fine craftsmanship. It is an absolute delight for me to see how our clients’ lives are bettered by the upgrades we make to their living spaces. They bring us an imagination, and we have the right design skills, experience and trade contacts to make that a reality.