Interior design is an intimate reflection of the way we live. What we choose to surround ourselves with can make an already responsive architectural space even more interactive and in tune with our sensory needs.
Our work carefully considers how each client relates to a space on a personal level. We explore how essential components such as light, texture, and color can express and respond to the unique desires of a family’s living space, a brand’s retail environment, or a creative office setting. Throughout, we maintain an organic and modern approach, creating interiors that work seamlessly with the architectural design as well as with the surrounding landscape.


Interior Services
  • Interior design of extensions, renovations and new homes
  • Concept design and space planning
  • Selection of hard finishes, fittings and appliances
  • Colour schemes and finish specifications
  • Lighting design and selection
  • Kitchen and bathroom design
  • Custom designed furniture and joinery
  • Furniture selection
  • Custom designed soft furnishings, window and floor treatments
  • Floor finishes
  • Art and accessories selection
  • Design and installation management


Good design improves people’s lives. We want to help each person, family, or organization express their own unique vision of place.
A sense of place is fundamentally created by a series of relationships between people, spaces, and the surrounding context. In the beginning, we collaborate with our clients to create a vision of spaces, both public and private and indoor and outdoor. We discuss where our clients might like to entertain versus where they might like to huddle and dream. We talk about what activities can take place indoors and outdoors. Because a building is always part of a larger context, we work with the surrounding community to ensure that our project responds to its neighborhood.


Architectural Services
  • programming
  • code and local ordinance review
  • schematic design
  • design development
  • construction documents
  • assistance in bidding and negotiation
  • construction administration
  • sustainable design
  • coordination and review of engineers
  • coordination and review of specialty consultants


We view landscape design as an integral part of our architecture practice, allowing building and site to become an expression of a singular vision. Landscape design has the ability to not only complement a building but also to interact with and strengthen a design concept. As a constantly changing element, landscape design provides a dynamic foil to the steady presence of its partnering structures.

Our organic and modern approach to landscape design creates minimalist designs with well-edited plant lists, blocks of color and texture, and outdoor rooms. Whenever possible, we incorporate native plants and drought-resistant varieties into our projects. Elements and materials are exposed and glass walls extend indoor living areas into the landscape. By filling spaces with light and blurring boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas, we create a reverential connection to the natural world.


Emaani Design provides a furniture curation, selection and procurement service. From planning the furniture for a house, through to selection of individual pieces and materials, we also customize furniture to suit the interior. Each home is different as is each client and this service is tailored for every client. Our furniture curation and procurement service also includes artwork and accessories, and extends to the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. Our team of interior designers deliver outcomes that take into consideration each space, size and proportion. With knowledge of the local and international market, we strive to create a unique character for each project with a meld of new, vintage, collectables and personalised items. Our project sizes range from apartments, individual and multi, through to homes, corporate and hospitality.